How to Name a Spices Brand | Only Guide You Need

Looking for a brand name for your new spices product? This is the guide for you.

Any product be it in any industry deserves a great name. Something that would be memorable, simple, and very different from the rest. What works for spices especially in India are traditional names. If you are targetting a mass audience, the brand name is supposed to somewhat simpler. Not everyone does understand the meaning of names, sure we have suggestive names like Eastern, Badshah, then distinctive names like Everest. But these names have been registered before 2000. 

Spices are seeds, dried fruits, roots, and barks used to offer flavor, aroma, and addition to food. Several spices from several origins and cuisines are to be had in diverse forms, inclusive of crushed, and whole. Each of those spices affords a completely unparalleled flavour, aroma, and flavor to the meal. Some of the usually used spices are cinnamon, black pepper, cumin seeds, nutmeg, cloves, chili powder, turmeric, ginger, and garlic.

Most of the provider base is pivoted to the Asia Pacific location wherein China and India are the various main exporters, with many home providers catering to the producers of export-orientated spices. The call for Indian spices withinside the worldwide marketplace has beheld strong growth, mentioning the worldwide culinary traits during the last few years.

The location of distribution matters, both North and South India are very different markets. The demand for Indian spices in the international market has grown rapidly and has led the global culinary trends in recent years. it had enabled manufacturers to raise the price of packaging for end users. On the other hand, manufacturers are aimed at consumers who prefer a mixture of different spices to penetrate the market with innovative products.

Some good names in the market:


New Sound

Try mixing words and making a portmanteau, for example, Tagarvi where Ta is short for Take and Garvi which means Pride. Again the sound is very distinct and would have a heavy presence if compared with the competitors. You may take inspiration from any language, in the end, the sound should be simple to pronounce and the name should feel right for the product. When it comes to spices the names need some kind of maturity. The major decision makers are the adults, mostly women then men. Since these products don’t attract young adults, people look for names that gives a sense of tradition. In our experience, most women in India do not prefer very modern names. It shows the customers that the tastes are advanced, which is not what they are looking for. Customers till date like names that gives a family feeling.

For this industry, Sanskrit names do a wonder. There has been a huge rise of Sanskrit names even in another market like Vistara for an airline.  

Suggestive Names

Suggestive names are another way you can easily put the brand name in your customer’s minds. They already tell you what the brand is about. For example, a name like “Seasons Turn” or “Hello Flavour”.


We believe best brands are short and easy to pronounce. A customer cannot buy a product of a company whose name they cannot pronounce. It should feel familiar, trustworthy. The first time people do buy a buy it is based on its name, logo and packaging. The second time the sale does happen because the quality was up to mark and the customer liked the taste. Think about it this way, if you are a wholesaler, you do not even need a banner at your shop. People trust you because they know you and have been buying through you, there is no need for branding. But now that you want to serve beyond your locality you need to brand your product well because that is your trust signal.


Generic Names

Getting a trademark is not always a hard thing, but having a name that is unique is a difficult task. Make sure you avoid generic patters like Green Spice, Fresh Taste. They serve no purpose and would not have any recall value in a market.

Avoid Abbreviation

Always avoid abbreviations, they carry no imagination in customers’ minds. If we speak about ABC or MDH they carry no evocative message. They are abruptly direct. Sure they would be named from a family, but there is much more that can be done through the brand name. 

Avoid Similar Sounds 

You have to know that the letter don’t play as big role as the homophone does. Swaad and Svaad are similar in sound but different in letters. When it comes to trademark, it is given based on a name’s sound rather than the letters.


In the end all it matters is to have a name anyone can easily perceive and pronounce. Make sure you do the trademark check in the classes of 29 and 30

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