TheManifest Award to Tiepograph

The Manifest Honors Tiepograph as India’s Top Recommended Branding Agency

It’s been 3 years since we started disrupting the branding and naming industry. We can’t believe how far we’ve come! Can you believe how time flew by swiftly? We can still remember the eagerness to finally work with our first client. Today, we celebrate a recognition that was made possible thanks to our clients.

Most recently, we’ve caught wind that The Manifest listed Tiepograph as one of India’s top recommended branding agencies for 2021! To help you understand the magnitude of this award for us, we’re here to share our story with you.

Founded in the heart of Mumbai, India back in 2018, Tiepograph is aimed to help businesses — regardless of size and industry — make waves in their respective markets. We love creating brand names that stand out for their simplicity and uniqueness. We’re differentiated by our passion and dedication to our clients.

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to ensure that clients make the most out of their investments. Our proprietary solutions defied the markets, providing one-of-a-kind leverage for our clients. This helped us gain their confidence and support.

Because of our clients’ satisfaction, Tiepograph is where it is today. According to the 2021 list on The Manifest, our company is ranked among the top 15 most recommended and reviewed branding agencies in India!

The Manifest is a prominent B2B news platform that curates hard data to help browsers learn more about various industries. The site is known for its in-depth step-by-step guides, market surveys, and agency shortlists.

Tiepograph was regarded as a prominent leader in the region because of our quality solutions, project management, pricing, and overall client satisfaction. Considering that all of this was made possible thanks to our clients, we couldn’t be more grateful. The whole team is looking forward to seeing how far we can go further. We’re excited to take on the rest of the year and grow.

See for yourself why our clients love our approach! Do you have a project in mind? Don’t be shy and drop us a line to talk more about it! Let’s make something great.

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