Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Tiepograph is pleased to set out their Terms and Conditions, which will apply to the work we do for you. These Terms and Conditions and the Quote/Production Estimate supplied to you form the contract between us for the provision of Tiepograph’s services.

1.Tiepograph’s Role:

1.1. The Services: Tiepograph will provide the services described in the Quote/Production Estimate as presented. As an assignment develops, it may be that the scope of the required work changes. Where this is the case, Tiepograph will seek to discuss it with you at the earliest opportunity in order to agree upon any variations to the scope of the Services and the Quote/Production Estimate, which may be necessary. If the scope of a brief does not change, the Quote/Production Estimate covers 1 (one) round of what would be deemed as reasonable creative changes (unless otherwise detailed in the production estimate) following the presentation of an initial concept, this does not extend to functional changes that were approved in a scoping document. 

1.2 Information: To maximise Tiepograph’s effectiveness we must work with you as a team. Often Tiepograph’s work will be dependent on you (or your other advisers) providing information promptly. To avoid unnecessary verification Tiepograph will assume all information you provide is complete and accurate unless you tell us otherwise.

1.3. Force Majeure: Tiepograph shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform their obligations where such delay or failure to perform arises from circumstances outside Tiepograph’s reasonable control.


2.1 In most cases, Tiepograph will provide a scoping document which details the functionality in the work we do for our clients, this includes but is not limited to a website, application or marketing campaign. Where the client signs and approves this scoping document, any changes beyond the scope will be handled as a new update and priced accordingly.

7.0 Indemnity

7.1 All services may be used for lawful purposes only. You agree to indemnify and hold Tiepograph harmless from any claims resulting from your use of our service that damages you or any other party.

8.0 Liability

8.1 Our total liability to you in contract or in tort arising in connection with this contract shall not exceed the total price paid by you. We shall have no liability for loss of profits, business, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings or for any other indirect or consequential loss.

  1. Variation

9.1. Variation: These Terms and Conditions (and/or the contents of any agreement to which they relate) may be varied or superseded at any time by agreement in writing between us. Any such variation shall not affect any rights or obligations of either of us that may already have accrued, unless otherwise specifically agreed.

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