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Zenisha Creations had chosen the name Karishma for their label ages ago. Unable to get the trademark for it they approached us to find a name.


We knew we wanted a name that would give a sense of tradition, from empowerment to liberation to culture to art to heritage. Virmoya is a coined word where Vir means Beyond and Moya means Life/Spirit. We were successful at even acquiring a matching case .com domain.

There is a fable in the crystal deserts of Kutch, on full moon nights the landscape becomes Moon’s mirror. Impressed by it, the moon blessed the land with “Virmoya”.

Virmoya traces back to the land of colours, where the enchanting work of textile arts connects with traditional women’s self-reliance. We were thrilled to start our journey from this unique manifestation of varied cultural morality of the region and its popularity for the ethnic flavour and celebrative zest.

Virmoya’s ancestral roots are from deep down in Kutch and we made sure to revisit and explore the unexplored. we probed the culture, tradition, landscape, food and the artisans. While on this journey we were stumbling upon artisans with umpteen variety of traditional fabric dyes, Ajrakh print, Bandej, Kutchi Bharat work and so on.

Here is our journey exploring Kutch which we would love to call “Paanjo Kutch”!

Come celebrate creating unique combinations of historical opulence & contemporary clothing through our collections. Travel the world with us, explore the unexplored through our lense & indulge in the beauty of India


Naming an ethnic fashion brand

  • Date

    August 5, 2021

  • Skills

    Linguistics, Sound Symbolism, Illustration

  • Client

    Zenisha Creation Pvt Ltd

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