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Sarath Kumar of Insun Consumer Goods, Chennai having experience in the industry of cleaning products was looking to launch a domestic cleaning brand. Like all new business starters, they were deciding on names like CleanShine, CleanUp. They hired Tiepograph to launch a distinct brand name in the market.


In the commoditized domestic household cleaning space, a distinct brand name can make all the difference. Tizell is easy, different, and memorable, immediately placing apart from other overly-descriptive names in the cleaning category. Here Tiz means “It is” and Zel refers to “The One”. The One for all your cleaning needs.  A sharp sound which has a tone of roughness and swift progression. We successfully could acquire the trademark and same case matching .com domain. The name perfectly captures the cleaning experience. The goods the company would be selling through Tizell are most likely going to be floor cleaners, toilet cleaner, and other object cleaners. 


Naming a domestic cleaning brand in India

  • Date

    January 8, 2021

  • Skills

    Linguistics, Trademark Evaluation, Sound Symbolism, Brand Strategy

  • Client

    Insun Consumer Goods

  • Industry :

    Domestic Cleaning

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