Love till the Sky

Brand Naming Visual Identity



Ankit Pedhadiya of Cropino Pvt Ltd approached Tiepograph in June 2021 for launching a new brand name for their peanut butter and other foods brand. The company had selected the name Cropino for their product, but they knew there was so much more that could be done.


Before anything, we asked them what all products they see themselves selling in the next ten years. I always tell my clients; your logo, packaging, slogan, ad campaigns, every single thing could change. But the name is the property for a lifetime passed onto generations. 

The company mentioned launching fruit juices, healthy chips, or maybe ice cream in the next few years. The first priority would always be given to peanut butter, the name should give the right sound and feel for our first product. And if it works well with other foods, why not? A brand should never be limited, it should be global and unlimited. When you are not specific, you can be anything, at least in certain categories. This gave us a way to steer away from any usage of sound related to peanuts. 

Skoovey was a sound of love and freedom inspired by the word Oove which means love and it consists of the letters of Sk(oove)y. Here the love for our product reaches the sky and above. This name would work with most food products. Another playful name by our team to have a name that dominates the global market. We were successful in finding a global trademark evaluation, matching case .com domain, and social media handles. 


Naming a peanut butter and other healthy products brand.

  • Date

    June 10, 2021

  • Skills

    Linguistics, Sound Symbolism, Illustration, Market Insights, Global Trademark Evaluation

  • Client

    Cropino Pvt Ltd

  • Industry:

    Healthy Foods

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