Moon Tree

Plywood brand in Indian Market

Brand Naming Packaging Visual Identity

Moon Tree


Suresh Chowdary of Montac Plyboard India Pvt Ltd. approached Tiepograph in search of a brand name for his plywood and laminates subsidiary. In the industry where most brands start with the term “Green”. They needed a brand name that would reflect the craft and durability of their product.


The name Moon Tree became the sound of an evocative brand name in the plywood industry. Tiepograph knew this brand needed a dialogue that spoke than becoming just an identification. We chose this distinct name to have a higher recall value.


Drifting away from trademark clutter in plywood industry.

  • Date

    September 6, 2019

  • Skills

    Interior Infrastructure

  • Client

    Montac Plyboard India Pvt Ltd

  • Skills:

    Linguistics, Sound Symbolism, Trademark Evaluation, Illustration

  • Trademark Class:


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