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Mama Nose


Maunish Patel a full-time professional had decided to launch a line of baby care products. He and his partner already had the parent company Kidaza registered in Australia. They were looking for a brand name for their sustainable baby diaper products that could be sold globally yet gives a feeling of quirkiness and health.


While naming the product, one thing we were sure of that we did not want a one-word brand name. We at Tiepograph despite specializing extensively in word and sound construction wanted to steer away from one-word names in the baby diaper industry. The reason was too many irregular plural brand names. The industry runs on sounds with ends with an “S”. Cuddles, Pampers, Luvs, Huggies, Riddles. We believed a well-established pre-existing word matched with another name could have more potential in this market.

Mama Nose was named after the inspiration of the action of a mother rubbing her nose with the baby. But it even has the same sound and homophone as “Mama Knows”. The brand name has that “A-ha” moment, which people understand can remember well the next time. Such brand names that generate curiosity have notably higher recall value in the minds of the customer. Most brands are around the baby, we needed a mature brand that was around the mother. The one who plays an important role in making choices for the baby.

We helped them successfully acquire the trademark in the Australian and Indian markets. At the same time got them domain that can be used globally. One of the brands we wish we had named from the industry is Seventh Generation.


Naming and designing a complete different product in Diaper industry.

  • Date

    June 7, 2020

  • Skills

    Global Baby Diapers

  • Client

    Kidaza Pty Limited Australia

  • Skills:

    Linguistics, Sound Symbolism, Illustration, Market Insights, Global Trademark Evaluation

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