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Veera Babu of Virtual Supermarkets Ltd already had an online grocery supermarket running in Nairobi, Kenya with the name The idea was to launch a brand that caters to all dairy-related products such as milk, cheese, paneer. This would be sold in the shops, kiosks and even be delivered every morning through the application. For its new product/service, the Virtual Supermarkets asked Tiepograph for a brand name that would stand for something natural, fits in the global market, and is distinct from the rest.


Invent a new sound. Tiepograph’s passage to 7,500+ morphemes helped identify sounds that give a higher feeling of health and match well for food product brands. The word Fro in the name refers to “From” whereas Leys is the pasture land where the cows graze. Making the meaning “From the Pure Land”. The company liked the name so much they decided to even use it for their next grocery platform. A completely new kind of brand name that follows a natural and known consonant-vowel rhythm. Since this was a constructed name we were successfully able to acquire the domain



After we finished with the naming and trademark process, our next step was designing the packaging of their milk products. We decided to make a clean design, that can be easily adapted to all other dairy products yet be modern and attractive.


Naming and designing a milk and other dairy related product brand for the African and Global market

  • Date

    May 30, 2020

  • Skills

    Dairy Farming and Online Grocery

  • Client

    Virtual Supermart Ltd Kenya

  • Skills:

    Linguistics, Sound Symbolism, Illustration

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