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In July 2021, we were approached by Kshitij Ingle to name his electric cycle and bikes brand in the world market. Being an industrial designer himself, the client was looking for a name that would be disruptive and meaningful. 


With the brand, we at Tiepograph did not seek names that would be on the descriptive side of electricals. For example Evolta, Electra. Rather creating a sound symbolism that carries a powerful message across the globe. Here Caya means “Each of the Two” signifying the wheels and Yetta means Light. Nothing moves faster than the speed of light. The light here even denotes electricity. Two wheels in the motion of light. The name got immediately selected and we proceeded to develop a typography that would fit the personality. We successfully help the client acquire a matching case .com domain.


Naming a global electric cycle brand.

  • Date

    July 17, 2021

  • Skills

    Linguistics, Sound Symbolism, Illustration

  • Client

    Kingle Motors Private Limited

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