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Mayur Gajera of TLL Herbal Limited, India approached Tiepograph for brand naming of their new cosmetic segment.

With the current saturated beauty and skincare market, the company wanted a brand name that gave a sense of high awareness and would appeal to all age groups. Our target audience were consumers looking for a cleaner approach to the skincare regimen. Some of the markets they wanted to target were India, Europe, Canada, and North Africa.


We knew we wanted a brand name that would be highly distinctive and give a natural-sounding skincare authenticity. As a first step, we tapped our proprietary sound modeling technology to identify sounds and word parts that evoke feeling health and well-being.

Anfira was a constructed-coined brand name we came up with. Where An refers to “The” and Fira means “Lady” in Greek origins. Giving the meaning of The Lady. The company instantly liked the name on the first round and got approval from all the directors.

As opposed to soft names, we knew we wanted a powerful feminine sound for the name.


Naming a sustainable cosmetic brand in the global market.

  • Date

    August 29, 2020

  • Skills

    Linguistics, Sound Symbolism, Illustration

  • Client

    TLL Herbal Limited

  • Industry:

    Skin Care and Cosmetics

  • Trademark Class:


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