Born to Love

Brand Naming Visual Identity



Kshitij Ingle was looking to launch a brand in the natural skincare and luxury hotel toiletries industry. The company already had satisfying B2B distribution, but retail was a task. They did not know what to name their brand.


We understood the need of the client, it looked like they preferred a global brand name, that would again be strong in sound. Neprica was a coined word, inspired from the word Née which means “Born” and here Rica means “Powerful”. Neprica has a delicate yet powerful sound attached to it. Their products would be majorly shampoos, conditioners, skin oils, and natural skin repair products.

Through this brand name now the company stands distinct in all markets. Tiepograph successfully delivered a matching case .com domain. Even checkout our other cosmetics brand naming project.


Naming a natural skin care brand in world market.

  • Date

    June 18, 2021

  • Skills

    Linguistics, Sound Symbolism, Illustration

  • Client

    Kshitij Ingle

  • Industry:

    Cosmetics and Hair Care

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