Making a distinct sound for Chinese condiments

Brand Naming Visual Identity



Mohit Agrawal of MM Foods, Mumbai was looking for a brand name for their Chinese sauces products. He had approached a couple of brand naming agencies before they knew us. One of them asked him to name the product New Taste and the other company tried to convince the client for keeping Premium Delicious as the brand name. In a market where descriptive names run the trend yet deliver low recall value and brand engagement, these names turned out to be a rather bad choice. They came to Tiepograph for a brand name that would make bring changes in the market and help them instantly affirm their offer in an already relatively well-established scene.


The name Dims was inspired by “Dim sum” – a direct phonic from the Cantonese/Chinese which means “Touch the heart”. While a name can’t evoke meaning, it always generates a feeling. We always tell our clients, customers never care about what your product means. They always see how it makes them feel when they hear the name if they can trust the sound, the visual design. The meaning of the brand name always remains with the owner and their associates. Dims was a much better move in terms of distinct name than uninspiring patterned descriptive names.


Making a distinct sound that sound arbitrary for Chinese condiments

  • Date

    May 2, 2019

  • Skills

    Food and Condiments

  • Client

    MM Foods Mumbai

  • Skills:

    Linguistics, Sound Symbolism, Illustration

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